Headmaster Room Escape Game

Headmaster Room Escape

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Different kinds of activities are being done at the camp, that's so the scouts will learn how to do things in-terms of survival. Classes on different levels are now being done, but Dominic got a little curious that day, for he wanted to know what's in the headmaster's quarters for he saw a lot of things confiscated and brought there. The room might have some interesting things confiscated through the years, so as adventurous as Dominic can be, he embraced that and slowly broke-away from class to go inside that prohibited room.

The headmaster is currently supervising some staff in another hall in the camp, this is his chance now and because his skills are great, he managed to enter! It was a decent room, not too much, but it got too much for Dominic though for when he checked the door so he can see if somebody is coming, he realized that it was locked and he couldn't open it! Dominic was confused how it got locked, maybe the door was automatic? Or somebody actually knows that he entered and locked the door so he'll get in trouble? That's very possible, but this had turned from an adventure to an escape from a place now, will Dominic be able to get himself out of the room before the headmaster or anybody finds-out? Escape players, come and give Dominic here a hand, try not to make so much noise as possible as you escape quickly.

Headmaster Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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