Luxurious Country Residence Escape Game

Luxurious Country Residence Escape

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Begin looking for a way out of the luxurious house here where everything was good until, something happened to it which made the place into an escape house! Luxurious Country Residence Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games.

Hailey sometimes gets tired in the suburbs, that's why she occasionally travels at her luxurious house just at the countryside. Nobody would expect it as a luxurious house for the outside looked simple enough, but on the inside it definitely was. One day as Hailey arrives at that luxurious place of hers, she began her natural routine of staying in the place for a few days, just so when the holiday was over she can then go back to normal life as she knows it.

One day in that luxurious house, she thought maybe she can break-away from her routine a bit and enjoy the country outdoors, well maybe she will. But as she did however, her house had a different idea and as a result, the place had mysteriously trapped her inside! Hailey had no idea what happened and she didn't even know what to do! Her doors wouldn't open and because she was a small girl, her force wasn't brute enough to destroy the door. Escape players, Hailey is getting pretty worried here for she is thinking if there are people pulling something against her and that's her greatest concern, well little did she know it was just the house. Join Hailey here then, find the way out as safely as possible.

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