Cave King Rescue Game

Cave King Rescue

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Rescue some king here escape players, in the land where a very powerful hag lives. Cave King Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

The cave king is one of the most dangerous persons one can fight one on one with, he's an expert in combat and planning, he had also captured a handful of kingdoms thanks to his typical plan of caving from under their feet and catching them by surprise, that's why he had the nickname of the cave king. One day, he was the one caught by surprise however, for that powerful hag who lives in the waste had come forth and was very furious! He quickly captured the king with her powers which the king had no fight for, and then went to the direction of the waste.

The kingdom almost went to turmoil thanks to that, but it was quickly put back to stability thanks to his loyal subjects. Still the king must be rescued for nobody really knows what's going to happen if he is gone. Escape players, that's where you come in, a rescue team had already been put to place and you are one of them! Warriors must proceed to the waste for there is the witch's residence. Will you be able to rescue him and probably find-out what happened? Be ready now, for the witch's magic is formidable and monstrous.

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