Love Pigeon Forest Escape Game

Love Pigeon Forest Escape

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The pigeon forest is more like a park reserve than a forest, well it is a part of a big forest in the land but it had been redesigned to become a green place where everyone can visit and see the pigeons living there. One day, Anton went there to see the pigeons and because he had nothing to do, he decided to try his skill of watching animals. He tested himself if he can find the big man-made nest of the pigeons by watching their movements and following where they go, it is not going to be easy because the area is quite huge, but that's why he is there for he has a lot of extra time for the day.

Anton was looking at the birds and further he goes into the park where the pigeons seems to be heading, maybe the nest is up ahead for their numbers are getting numerous as he goes, but even though he was following the right path, he realized that he seems to be lost now and he knows if he goes further he will cross the boundaries of the park and into open wilderness. Anton doesn't want to go to the forest so he thought he'll just come back, but when he did however he got drastically lost then! Escape players, getting lost in a park could or couldn't be easy depending how big the park is, but will you be able to escape from this one filled with pigeons? Place yourself on Anton's shoes then and try your best!

Love Pigeon Forest Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game from WoW Escape.

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