Old Man Warrior Escape Game

Old Man Warrior Escape

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That very dangerous warrior who had won many civil wars is now old and his age is catching-up to him, that's not all that is catching-up, for his old enemies are also returning and is giving a hard-time of living. It's like his enemies are allowing him to live but on a side note, they are also letting him suffer by terrorizing him daily. The old man warrior doesn't know if those are only just his imagination or old enemies are really giving him a bad life, but that day he now confirmed that his enemies are absolutely real.

The old warrior has this kid who comes-by at his home to deliver goods for nowadays, his stamina had decreased and getting produce from the market is giving him great strain, now the kid who was Bob does this for him and he pays the lad. One day, the lad came-by to deliver his goods when at some point, he discovered that the warrior was trapped in a big cage! Bob doesn't know if the man had locked himself in or somebody did that to him, but Bob thought how did he lock the doors of the cage? It could be that there is somebody around terrorizing him indeed, but either way somebody needs a rescue here and Bob must comply to that. Escape players, join in the rescue here with Bob and carefully, for the warrior is already old now.

Old Man Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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