Lovers Ring House Escape Game

Lovers Ring House Escape

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The ring house is built for couples and the place was indeed beautiful, for instead of square hotel with rooms, the place is circular and spirals up with the rooms on the sides of it! It was an ambitious structure and indeed it was, until the place was finished and became open to the public. As a person who works there, you began to think of the difficulty of having to clean the halls as it spirals up, but while you work there though it is actually pretty easy for there is only one hallway and as it spirals up, you are able to clean everything that you pass. Everything was decent there and even pleasant until one day, something happened while you begin your job there.

As you enter the circumference of the ring house, you already noticed that it was quiet, the receptionist was even nowhere to be found, maybe she's outside? You checked but then that's when you realized that the doors were locked! That's impossible for the place never closes, because this is now happening, you got quite confused. Escape players, there seems to be something happening here in the ring house, will you be able to discover what it is and then potentially escape from the place?

Lovers Ring House Escape is the newest point and click structure escape game created by Games 4 Escape.

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