Wrecked Abandoned Room Escape Game

Wrecked Abandoned Room Escape

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Jordan decided that he will turn the abandoned house into a modern place which will also become a coffee shop eventually. First he needs to bring back the comforts of the place for he is also thinking about living in it. Jordan doesn't really know what he will be making of the place, a cafe or a house? That's why he decided on both and as a first step of getting the place to that path, he must check everything there if everything can be salvaged and or be used again. Jordan keeps finding ruins and broken things which he can't use, maybe he'll just have to put the place down? When he thought about that, a strange thing occurred! And now, he is trapped inside.

Jordan could not open the doors of the house and it's very confusing, for the door is quite rickety but it still held him in! What's going-on here? Maybe the house is somewhat haunted and it heard him thinking about demolishing the entire place. He can't reverse it now, for when he thought that he wouldn't, he still couldn't escape. Escape players, want to join Jordan here on his situation and see if you can help him escape the ruined structure?

Wrecked Abandoned Room Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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