Lora Escape For Christmas Party

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Lora’s mother was waiting for her to come home for they still have a lot to do concerning the Christmas celebration later. She had already prepared things in the rooms there to lessen the things that needs to be done, now all that’s left is the food which will be a hard task to accomplish, and so she waited. After a while, Lora knocks at the door and finally they can begin, but there was a problem though for Lora could not get inside the house due to the door being locked shut!

Lora’s mother tried her best but she could not budge it open, she is starting to panic, but she needs to focus here so that she can let her daughter in and get warmth. Lora was thinking then that she haven’t done everything here, maybe the key here can open this thing, but the problem was she has no idea where it is at the moment. Escape players, Lora’s mother has no help here and she needs to solve this on her own for Lora could not open the door on her side as well. Will you be able to help here by finding a key or anything so that Lora can get inside?

Lora Escape For Christmas Party is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Lora Escape For Christmas Party

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