Luxury House Escape (Games 2 Escape)

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Ella was the new guest here in this luxurious house, but not to stay in there and feel the greatness of the place however, but to actually escape from it! At the moment, Ella is trapped in there and she chose that, for the place was built for challengers and they need to escape from the place as quickly as they can. People in the immediate area have been to the house before and almost all of them said that the challenges there are tough, the puzzles are sometimes hard to even solve, and the obstacles are just everywhere. Ella is ready though, for she chose this and she aims to win, but the question is now, will her skills be enough to escape the place? Escape players, how about you? Will yours be enough for so as well?

Escape players, play as Ella here now and be ready for everything that the house has got, test yourselves and be ready, for things in there will all try to stop you from escaping. Bypass all the rooms there and claim victory from the neighborhood’s new escape house.

Luxury House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.