Locked In Escape - Spooky House Game

Locked In Escape - Spooky House

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That spooky house near Neville's place had always been scary and he has a pretty good reason to be scared of it, for there are noises coming from there at night and nobody lives in that place, it seems Halloween is 24/7 in that house. In actuality, Neville is one adventurous person and he is just waiting for his free time and completing his gear so he can check the place out, that is how Neville deals with his fear and that is by going directly to it. One night, he finally decided to enter the place for he got that free-time he was waiting from work, now his adventure begins.

Neville didn't have a hard-time entering the place, the first thing he saw in there was the eerie stuff as well as the old furniture. His situation is only going to get worst as he ventures in the place however, but because escape players you already joined Neville, you will be with his trouble as well! Be ready for the eventual trapping there now, for it is inevitable. Will you have the skills and logic in-order to escape the place successfully with Neville?

Locked In Escape - Spooky House is another new point and click scary indoor escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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