Halloween Cemetery Escape (Selfdefiant)

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Enjoy trying to escape from a graveyard here in the dead of night. Halloween Cemetery Escape is the newest point and click graveyard escape game from Selfdefiant. Have fun!

Martin is absolutely regretting that he went to the haunted cemetery in the dead of night and on the eve of Halloween! But mysteries are part of his life and all he wanted was to discover the secrets of that graveyard for people doesn’t like the place one bit, well most especially when the sun goes down. Now their reasons are quite true for upon entering the area which was locked-down for the night, well for obvious reasons, he got trapped in there and the cold air then started to set in!

Martin just got himself into a serious problem here, this was suppose to be a mystery uncovering mission and now it became an escape adventure! Well he is about to find-out what makes the graveyard tick and unfortunately not in a good way, he’ll have to find his way out soon or risk being mentally destroyed here thanks to the menacing ghosts. Escape players, join Martin on this escape here, find your way out of the graveyard and as quickly as you can. Good luck!

Walkthrough video for Halloween Cemetery Escape (Selfdefiant)


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