Creepy Graveyard Escape (Selfdefiant For Mouse City)

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You are on your graveyard shift, literally. You are the security guard of this graveyard. Your job seems so easy because who wants to stay in the graveyard in the first place? This job may look easy but it’s boring. You can’t sleep during your duty so you walked around the yard to shake off your sleepiness. But as you walk through the dark part, you noticed someone. It’s past visiting hours so you came near that person. But when you checked on it, it’s not a person that you saw. It’s a ghost and things started to be creepy. There’s not only one ghost in this graveyard, they are many. You really can’t sleep if this is the situation but you also can’t perform your job properly.

You ran as fast as you can and as soon as you learned that ghosts are around. However, no matter how fast you run, you still end up in this graveyard. The only way to escape is to solve all the puzzles in the place. Play Creepy Graveyard Escape (Selfdefiant For Mouse City) and use your logic to solve all the puzzles. Creepy Graveyard Escape (Selfdefiant For Mouse City) is the newest outdoor escape game from Selfdefiant for Mouse City. Good luck!

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Walkthrough video for Creepy Graveyard Escape (Selfdefiant For Mouse City)

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