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Pair Of Honeybee

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The land was once entirely a very rough forest but when Willard finally bought a tiny portion of that acre, he turned it into a beautiful garden and one reason for it because he made it a home for the pair honeybees. Those honeybees aren't typical honeybees which one finds in any garden, the two have human-like consciousness and is as big as a full-grown dog! The two also have powers which complements nature and they make the area where they live in extra beautiful. Willard was lucky to have stumbled upon them when he was on his trek in a different place and time, they startled him at first but eventually they all became friends and that eventually resulted to the creation of the garden. But everything doesn't end well all the time there, for the female honeybee pair needed some help and she's lucky, for Willard happens to be in the area at the moment.

The female honeybee had lost her pair and she doesn't know where he is at and his pheromones cannot be detected anywhere. Who knows what happened to the male honeybee, but he'll most definitely help and he has an advantage, for he created this place too. Escape players, want to join Willard here who will attempt to rescue the female honeybee's other-half somewhere?

Pair Of Honeybee is the newest point and click animal rescue game created by WoW Escape.

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