Spooky Ghost Escape

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Mandy and her friend was going to this Halloween party but when she got to her friend’s place, she was currently scrambling for she was seeing things again! Well she isn’t exactly seeing stuff, for Mandy have witnessed it before many times that she can actually see spirits! That is the reason why she was scrambling for there was this spirit who is in a room in her place and it wouldn’t leave! In fact it had been keeping itself inside that room for a week now and Mandy’s friend have just about had it for she couldn’t get things inside that room for the door is constantly locked now.

The problem with this and why her friend was scrambling is she couldn’t find the key to this door, if only she can find it then she’ll have a chance to open this thing. She also thought that the key might be inside that room being guarded by the spirit but that is unlikely, for there are a number of places where her key is around the house and it’s outside that room. Escape players, will you play as Mandy here and see if you can help fix this situation?

Spooky Ghost Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Spooky Ghost Escape

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