Halloween Escape (8b Games)

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Come and check-out this spooky escape adventure with us. Halloween Escape is another new point and click decorated indoor escape game made by 8b Games. Good luck!

Ivory was pretty curious of a specific house in the neighborhood for there were stories circulating that the place is a rumored home of a witch and the people that are spreading that have a lot of evidence, convincing enough for her. So that day, Ivory engaged her paranormal interests and packed her gear to really find-out if the one that’s living there is actually a witch, if she is not then would that be great for she can clean the name of that said resident, well that won’t be the case though for the one that’s living there was indeed secretly a witch!

Ivory entered the house and she saw how normal it was, that’s until she made it a few paces in there, the door behind her suddenly slammed shut and there was laughing then coming from somewhere and that sounded exactly like an old hag! Ivory went from zero to full-blown panic in an instant here, she needs to escape right-now for this is evidence enough for her. Escape players, try this escape adventure here with Ivory on Halloween! Use your skills and logic on this one then, escape quickly before the witch shows herself. Have fun!

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