Locked In Escape - Ice Cream Shop Game

Locked In Escape - Ice Cream Shop

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Try this escape adventure here escape players, enjoy! Locked In Escape - Ice Cream Shop is another new point and click escape game made by Selfdefiant. Best of luck everyone.

The local ice cream shop has a lot of flavors and varieties there and really when they made the shop, they weren't kidding that they'll try to make almost every ice cream found around the world and well for standards, they did a pretty good job. One day however, something very mysterious happened inside the place very early in the morning while it's still closed. A girl woke-up inside it and it's very weird for she doesn't even know why she was even there, and that girl was Joanna.

Joanna has no idea how she got into the place and why she was even there for she remembered sleeping in her bed the night prior, it's also weird why the shop was kind of untidy but it seems nobody was in the place but her. This shop is going to open soon for she can see the time in the street clocks, she got scared then for she might get in-trouble for it and for that she needs to find her way out. Joanna is going to try and escape from the ice cream shop here and quickly, will she be able to find it and escape safely without trouble? Escape players, you are welcome to try this escape adventure with Joanna from the ice cream shop, use your skills and logic for this place is not very little at all. Have fun!

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