Buy An Ice Cream Escape

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Steve was heading to the office and because he was still very much far from getting late, he decided to just walk and even doing that calmly. He remembers the old days when he used to walk to school, now he is a grown man and just remembering those times gives him happiness. As he passes by near the bank, he found this little girl which was not focused, she shouldn’t be doing that here for this is now the city and it’s dangerous. Steve also wondered where were her parents.

Steve turned back after passing by her, she asked her what was happening and where were her parents, she let her aside then for she is very near traffic. Steve is concerned of her and he will be calling the cops on this, but he decided to calm her down first though for she is definitely not happy. Escape players, Steve decide to maybe get her a thing that is present here in the area which children likes, and that is ice cream. She is surely going to calm down, but he needs to get her that first. Okay now, will you help Steve get some around here? For right-now he couldn’t find the ice cream man which he saw earlier.

Buy An Ice Cream Escape is the newest point and click retrieval escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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Walkthrough video for Buy An Ice Cream Escape

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