Halloween Ice Cream Escape

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There was suppose to be a Halloween party at Jimmy’s place but it was moved last minute to his friend’s house. Now he needs to get there and help on the redecorating for soon the guests will be here. Jimmy and his friend went through a lot of trouble as they do this task and finish it in record time, a thing that they were even doubting at first but it seems that they are heading to finally finish this. But as they near to getting done, they experienced another problem! And because Jimmy’s friend was busy on something, he has to respond to this himself.

There will be a big ice cream fixture in the middle of the room where the desserts will be, but this fixture is locked inside a room though and Jimmy could not open it. Jimmy then asked where the key to this room was and he was told where it was but unfortunately it wasn’t exact. Okay, guess he needs to find this on his own for even his friend does not know where exactly it is too. Jimmy needs to be quick here too for he needs to move to the next task after this. Escape players, imagine you are Jimmy here, will you be able to get this ice cream fixture out of the room and quickly while there is still time to do things here?

Halloween Ice Cream Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval indoor escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Ice Cream Escape

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