Emergency Dial Escape Game

Emergency Dial Escape

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Emergency Dial Escape is a daring point and click item retrieval indoor escape game developed by Genie Fun Games for more fun escape adventures here inside the decent room.

Mikey and her friend was living peacefully in their new apartment and from then for a few months, the place had been decorated beautifully under their preferences. But one day however, something weird happened and that is the fact that they got mysteriously trapped in their own room and no matter how hard they called for help, nobody in the house would come for their aid! That's just one other weird problem, for the second one was even weirder and a bit serious.

Mikey and her friend both lost their phones and they could not find it anywhere! Now they can't call for help especially the cops. These were weird problems and they don't even know what's happening, but they must find any of their phones though so they can call the authorities for help. Escaping from the apartment ain't going to be easy without destroying anything, that's why they chose to get some help by first finding their phones but the question is, will they be able to find it somewhere? Escape players, care to try this house escape game here and see if you can escape the house by finding one of those phones? Good luck then everyone, enjoy the escape adventure.

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