Trailer House Escape Game

Trailer House Escape

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Trailer House Escape is a daring point and click trailer escape game developed by Genie Fun Games! Enjoy more fun escapes here in a luxurious trailer home.

Kenneth went on a road vacation and took the lightest house in his ownership, and that is his trailer which was quite close of being luxurious. For a week. Kenneth had been to many places for he rarely rests and gets back on the road for more sights to see, it was all good throughout the vacation, but something happened one day though as he woke-up and got himself ready for another day.

Kenneth opened his eyes and when he tried to leave his trailer for a stretch outside, he came to realize that the doors would not open and now, he is basically trapped in the confined spaces of his compact and mobile home! This is not a major issue at the moment and he knows he can easily escape from this vacation home without destroying anything, well can he and quickly? Escape players, you are welcome to try the trailer escape adventure here with Kenneth, use the best of your skills and logic so you can easily escape for fun! Good luck everyone and enjoy with us daily.

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