Local Man Escape Game

Local Man Escape

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Here's another rescue adventure everyone, see if your skills are built for this. Local Man Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from Avm Games.

In the forest here, there are different kinds of people living in it and even though they are distantly spaced from each other, they knew each other and they really bring help to everyone when somebody needs it. There are miners living in the place, lumber jacks, mountain men, and even hunters, for Jeremy who lives in there as well he was a hunter and a pretty darn good one too. For years he had seen the place grow, if this keeps-up then someday this might turn into a village or even a town.

One day, Jeremy was on a trek heading to the hunting grounds where wild game would pass, but his journey had a bit of a snag however, for when he passed a house where one of his friends lives, he heard him scrambling from inside and was then calling for help! Jeremy got startled by that, but when he looked at it clearly, he saw that his friend who was a mountain man living there got trapped! How did he even get trapped in his own place? Probably he was too clumsy that day, but well somebody needs help so he must bring it. Escape players, want to join Jeremy here on this rescue in the wilderness? Use all that you can find then and get this done quickly.

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