Lumber Jack Escape (Avm Games) Game

Lumber Jack Escape (Avm Games)

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Rescue an important person here in a village so prosperous, the houses there are made of luxurious solid stone. Lumber Jack Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Avm Games.

Through the years of living in the place, Irvine had seen the village grow from just a few wooden houses, to now bigger ones made of stone. That's all thanks to the efforts of the people there to really elevate the place, it's also thanks to a prosperous bounty and the place's location makes it very advantageous to it thus making the place as it is now. One of the sources of the village's prosperity was selling wood and lumber jacking of men in the nearby town, and just through years of doing that, the village grew thanks to the lumber jacks. Irvine was once a lumber jack, but now that he is a bit old he can only look at the newbies if they are doing it correctly.

One day as Irvine was walking around the village, he heard a very familiar voice and it's somehow calling for help. Irvine tried to look for it and he realized it was coming from the house of his novice lumber jack who had been in the job for 20 years. Irvine checked that house and why was somebody calling for help, there he saw that he was indeed trapped in his own house! What could have happened to him? It's quite confusing to Irvine, but well he was one of his teammates before so escape players, want to join Irvine here on this rescue? Go ahead then and may you find-out what really happened.

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