Happy Christmas 2019 Escape Game

Happy Christmas 2019 Escape

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Let's all check-out this Christmas escape adventure here in 2019! Happy Christmas 2019 Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Games 4 Escape for another dose of fun escapes here from a place filled merry things.

Christmas is slowly being celebrated around the world and as a Christmas gift to herself, Thelma decided to visit the Christmas village with her friends for she had never been to one before. It definitely is an experience and things there were pretty Christmas-y especially the houses, but there was one house however which Thelma entered alone and it was quite the place for it had a different feel than the rest of the places there. She can't put her finger what it really is but as soon as she went deeper inside the house however, it became clear.

The door suddenly slammed and when she tried opening it, the thing wouldn't budge! She only knows of one exit there and that is the one she trying to pry open. Is this some sort of prank or something? For Thelma it doesn't feel so, that's why she decided she'll have to find another way out of there before this thing gets worst. Escape players, you are open to try this escape adventure here with Thelma from a Christmas decorated house. Find clues and objects that can help.

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