Ladybug Escape From Cherry Land

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The cherry land is like a plantation and the cherries there are really thriving, would anybody believe that this place is natural? Well no, but the place doesn’t thrive on its own though, for it is being taken care of by a magical being which disguises itself as a normal insect.

The said creature is a ladybug and it definitely possesses powers which keeps this forest alive and green. But that day though, you noticed something weird and your first hunch is that the ladybug might be in some trouble. Little did you know you were very right with that. Escape players, want to see what happened to the ladybug and if you can ever help it then for the sake of this place?

Ladybug Escape From Cherry Land is the newest point-and-click wilderness rescue escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Ladybug Escape From Cherry Land

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