Scarecrow Forest Escape (Games 2 Rule)

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Rona knows that the scarecrow forest which was a name that really says what it is, is not at all natural. Of course there are fields of corn there and randomly standing scarecrows with pumpkin heads, but those were not created by any man however, most were made by either the spirit of the wilderness itself, or some of the spooky creatures of Halloween that lives there! Well even though Rona knows all of that, she is still curious of the place and that’s why she entered there to fulfill her curiosity! Little did she know she will get in trouble there and nobody will come to save her.

Rona is definitely a courageous woman here, but curiosity hits people though no matter what and whatever interests them. Escape players, Rona is definitely going to get in trouble in a place such as she had already entered and he is steering herself deeper into it. Will you help Rona here then in a place no people would ever go? Ready yourselves then, for the said forest is really not a place to be frolicking around into and it won’t be easy to escape from there.

Scarecrow Forest Escape is the newest point and click scary wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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