Juicer Escape Game

Juicer Escape

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The bar where Jerome the juicer works is a really modern one! Why is that so, for things are really choreographed in there from the tiniest cherry in the kitchen, to the skills of the bartender at the front. Everything is specialized by one person so that nobody will have two things being done at the same time, that brings concentration and preciseness to the workers there. Jerome agrees with that for he works as a juicer there, and from then he only gets a few minutes of rest every time he juices for the bar was pretty packed most times of the week. But due to the current situation however, customers have gone down and workers had to be picked-up from their homes to at least minimize exposure, others are even lounging there and soon Jerome will be as well.

On a different side of the story, Bryan works as a driver for the bar and his job is to pick-up the workers from their homes to the workplace, pretty simple. But it's not so than everyone thinks and for Bryan, it's only going to get difficult for when he arrives at Jerome's home, he realized there was a problem there for Jerome is trapped in his own home! Bryan heard his call for help from his window, well he is not just going to leave him there now. Escape players, Bryan must help him so they can leave soon and as a person, he must help the ones who are in-need. Will you help-out as well and test your skills on this?

Juicer Escape is another new point and click house rescue escape game made by 8b Games.

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