Treasure Trove Escape From Snow House Game

Treasure Trove Escape From Snow House

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It's almost Christmas and that's why the snow is falling heavily, but Kieth is still going through the cold and a few feet of snow for he was one of the persons who finally got information about a treasure trove which they have been all trying to find! Now it's first come first serve now, the one who will find the treasure first will win and own that trove of riches. Kieth was now going and there is no other time to do this but now.

The information given was about the location of the treasure and it is in a cabin somewhere near where Kieth was staying in! He was definitely at an advantage, for the others who were also informed were somewhat farther from the location but still, he needs to hurry for he doesn't know what kind of equipment those guys have. Escape players, being quick here is of the essence, for Kieth still has to try and get inside that house or cave or whatever that is keeping it in and solve whatever challenges is there, and so will you! Come and place yourself on the snow-boots of Kieth here and retrieve that treasure before the others arrive.

Treasure Trove Escape From Snow House is the newest point and click snowy retrieval escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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