Living Gray Room Fun Escape Game

Living Gray Room Fun Escape

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The interior of Orville's house is kind of dark, it was in the gray hues and it would only range from there, maybe a few whites as well. Orville designed it that way for his eyes is sensitive to light, that's why he wears light-sensitive glasses when he goes out. For the designs however, his house was actually pretty luxurious and roomy, but the furniture is just everywhere for he keeps adding and adding until the paths are a bit narrow now. Orville was proud of his house still for this is the fruits of his labor, and when one day something happened in there which was quite serious, he definitely struggled to get it solved!

Orville realized that he cannot open the doors in his house, now he can't get himself out of there! It was weird and concerning for the exits simultaneously locked by themselves and Orville doesn't have any explanation about this. It was definitely a situation and because he loves his home, he will solve this by finding-out what had caused this. Escape players, will you help Orville on this situation of his? You can also test your skills of escape here so be ready.

Living Gray Room Fun Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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