Snowy Retreat Escape Game

Snowy Retreat Escape

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Damon was met with a very serious problem on his adventure in the regions which has a polar temperature, the team which Damon was with are experienced already, but they were all caught with a strong blizzard and when that stopped after hours of battering, Damon went-out from his tent he made hastily and he really thought his team did the same, but they didn't unfortunately. They were nowhere to be found and Damon seems to be the last person there. Damon didn't want to stay if he can't find them for his life is now at risk, he just marked the place and left with the hopes he'll find people and shelter.

Damon head to a direction where he thinks there was a civilization, and after a day of trekking, exhausted and hungry, Damon saw cabins and it looks to be a small settlement! Damon was right, he was actually heading to a place with people. But he is not out of the woods yet, for it seems that the settlement didn't have anybody in it! Escape players, will you help Damon here before he faints due to exhaustion? Navigate the place then and get help quickly.

Snowy Retreat Escape is a brand new point and click snowy escape game from Selfdefiant.

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