Modern Room Escape (8b Games) Game

Modern Room Escape (8b Games)

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Helga was looking for that perfect modern house in the luxurious subdivision one day. Everything there have already been built luxuriously and it's up to the buyers to choose and if ever, they can give their preference on what to add in their selected home. Helga picked the one that the previous owner abandoned for he had another choice in the area and he just paid whatever change was made in there. That meant Helga got free furniture for it had already been paid for. Before getting the place for herself, Helga asked the broker to give her a trial for maybe 24 hours so she can really solidify her decision. She was allowed and currently, Helga had been living in the place for 12 hours.

Helga seems to be having a great time in the place, maybe she'll really give the decision and pay for it, but something happened there though and that is getting Helga to somewhat decide otherwise. Helga got trapped in the place for the doors would no longer open! She then thought of different things why this would occur, but she is leaning more on the hunch that she had done something which caused this, if that's so then she really needs to fix that so she can get herself out. Escape players, want to join Helga with this strange problem here in her home to be?

Modern Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games.

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