Joyful Gracious Fish Escape

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It just gives Jasper a sense of joy whenever he dives and ventures into that ancient village which had been swallowed by the sea. It’s strange too why the damage done there due to the salt water has not really eroded much of the things there especially the ones that was suppose to be for they are fragile. Well sometimes things like this happens and it would occasionally be out of the understanding of people, and if everything is so delicate there then he needs to be very careful where he passes or risk further damaging the submerged area there. That day as Jasper was roaming around the said area, he found something and it kind of gave him a little shock.

Jasper found a cage there in the village and inside it was one big clown fish and at the moment it is struggling to escape! Maybe it’s not a clown fish? Maybe it is some other fish that looks like a clown fish? For those kinds of fish do not really grow as big as this. At first Jasper was scared of freeing the fish, for it might hurt him or something, maybe he can just open the cage’s door and leave? Okay then he’ll do that, but the cage is posing a bit of a problem though so, will you all be able to help escape players so that Jasper can free this unusual fish?

Joyful Gracious Fish Escape is a brand new point and click underwater animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Joyful Gracious Fish Escape

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