Fantasy Swan Valley Escape

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The wilderness here is absolutely beautiful and that’s not all, for there are things there too that are quite majestic. Those things are the native swans there and the best thing about them is that they are wild! There is a huge lake in that place and it’s free of big predators, that’s why there are a number of swans in that area thriving. That day Scott was there for he was on an adventure again, he does something like this at least once every month. He was recommended of this place and definitely he didn’t really make a wrong choice there. But that’s just  in the beginning though, for as Scott goes further in there, he will discover that his journey will not be any easier.

Scott saw the swans and they were huge and beautiful! He took some photos of them from a distance and the gorgeous scenery as well, now it is time to leave for he doesn’t plan to camp there, maybe he’ll return tomorrow when the weather is still fine. And so Scott followed the trail and everything was fine, fine until he could no longer navigate in there for he seems to be lost now! Scott is now very confused of the paths he is taking, he fears that he might have taken a wrong split and this one could be taking him deeper into the wilderness instead of the camp where he was staying! Scott needs to focus right-now if he wants to escape safely, escape players will you help this lost guy here and quickly too before the sun goes down?

Fantasy Swan Valley Escape is a new wilderness escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Fantasy Swan Valley Escape

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