Italian Boy Escape

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In the neighborhood where Kira lives, she is quite a famous babysitter and tutor all over the place, if anyone needs help on such she is sure to help and sometimes some of the neighbors only pays food and that is more than enough for her. One day, one of her new neighbors which came from Italy asked for her services for their son who was quite young is having a hard-time with the English language, fortunately that is Kira’s major subject and she will surely give their son a proper teaching for that. But as she arrived at the place however, Kira faced a different situation and she never though that she’d be rescuing someone that day!

Kira called in the house as the boy’s parents left, she was also asked to babysit for a minute as his parents buy something, but then there was no response and as Kira looked around, she realized that the boy was actually trapped in his own room and he couldn’t get himself out! Kira was not expecting that, but she’ll surely help for this is already a problem which can potentially harm the kid. Escape players, join Kira here on the rescue, find things that can help and see if you can get the door to open.

Italian Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.