Easter Village Party Escape Game

Easter Village Party Escape

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A celebration had just been held and it was Easter! It was definitely fun the day before, but the next though the village was quiet. Well that's what happens when the village really goes into a fiesta, the next day will end-up everyone in a tough hangover. But Jimmy is a visitor there however, so when he woke-up the next morning he didn't really expected this and he was confused for there was nobody around, plus the doors in his neighbors' houses are all locked. Jimmy is a bit confused and he even got more confused when he got lost in the village navigating!

Jimmy have no idea where exactly he passed but because this is happening, he needs to fix this or he'll get lost even more! Worst too is that the area is surrounded by a wilderness and he could get lost pretty bad if he goes there, not to mention there was no help too for everyone is currently wasted. Jimmy just needs to get back to familiar grounds here which he thinks is not really that far, will you help him escape players before something happens and he could get into serious danger?

Easter Village Party Escape is a brand new point and click area escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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