Celebration House Escape (Big Escape Games)

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The house currently has no people except Allan for his family went to get their extended family and they’ll all be home in a few days. Allan believes that is enough time to prepare everything for the holiday celebration. The food was already ready except for the viands for Allan’s friend helped him out earlier, and now he will focus by himself in decorating the place. Allan prepared every decors which had been kept in a room for this, and after hours he was almost done. Allan also decided to decorate the outside, but as he was about to get out and check for what he can do there however, he noticed something and it was a problem.

Allan found-out that the doors in his house could not be opened and it was weird for he can’t find any reason why, now he is trapped inside. Allan doesn’t think this is serious at least at the moment, but if he doesn’t solve this soon it will become one. Escape players, Allan is going to escape from his house here and even though it sounds weird, looks like he needs to do it. Come help Allan here escape then by first finding-out what the door needs and act from there.

Celebration House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Big Escape Games.