Graceful Elephant Escape

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The graceful elephant in the town is not only what its called which was graceful, but obviously it is fascinating for it is none like any other elephant out there! Some people even thought it could be a human before and it was cursed as an elephant, well that’s preposterous, but from the actions of the elephant it’s not that unlikely. As one of the townsfolk there, Percy knows the elephant for he sees it everyday, but that day though he didn’t and that is really giving a strange vibe for this had never happened before. And so Percy went to the bottom of that for he really has nothing important to do that day, that’s when he found-out that the elephant was actually in trouble!

The elephant got trapped in some stuff Percy could not understand what and why it was keeping the animal in, but the elephant is pretty lucky that Percy went to investigate and of course he’ll help the elephant out of there. Escape players, want to join Percy here on this rescue and see the animal out from where it is trapped?

Graceful Elephant Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 King.