Injured Puppy Escape

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Luis was tracking this puppy down at the moment, for it got hurt pretty bad after it fell in some ravine. Luis saw it happen and he visibly saw some red on the animal, that’s why he is trying to find it so he can rescue it. Luis is now in this area where houses were both occupied and unoccupied. Hopefully Luis can find this dog around here somewhere for it was surely hurt and needs some attention.

Escape players, Luis needs a medic kit as well so if ever he’ll find this dog he’ll be able to patch it up. Will you help Luis here then get a medic kit so that he can patch this pup up quickly once he finds it?

Injured Puppy Escape is another new point-and-click item retrieval animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Injured Puppy Escape

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