Injured Monster Rescue

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Nobody is really a welcomed guest in the rocky mountains for the monsters in that area are very unwelcoming, well that’s just for strangers, for this one human who they know are very welcome to visit them. This person is Anna and she is a medical worker, she helps the people in the village near the mountains and also visit the monsters just to cater to their health needs as well, for after all they are still sentient and has emotions. They are even good too once one gets to know them.

That day Anna was heading to them again for she just came from the town for her mission, but as she passes through the path though she found this one monster and it is trapped inside a cage! Anna quickly went to it and asked what happened, he couldn’t talk for some reason and he is injured. Okay then, Anna will get him out of there just to cater to his medical needs and maybe bring him to their camp after. Escape players, want to help Anna here in freeing this injured monster who was trapped in a cage?

Injured Monster Rescue is a new wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Injured Monster Rescue

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