Blue Bird Rescue (Games 2 Escape)

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A lot has changed in the desert area here. Since Ben was the new guest of the place, he had observed and recorded everything, because he had been living in the place for years he has complete records of almost everything and he can clearly say that there is a difference, and what’s bad about that is it’s for the worst. These observations of his are the result of a changing climate, still his learning is not done and for the day he’ll move deeper into the dry wilderness again to observe more things. He’ll find nothing unusual there, just the same stuff, but he’ll find something quite interesting when he gets home though.

Ben sets traps for creatures that enters in the rooms of his house, not necessarily so he can use them for food, but he would like to study the animals that passes here and there, and as he returns back home he’ll find a bird there which he never saw before in this place. He found a blue bird and it’s trapped inside his cage! Ben thought then this could either be an accident or climate change had really blown this bird off course for he never sees these kinds here. Well, if the answer is the latter then he must expect to see more coming his way here, but now he’ll just tag this creature and then free it. But see there’s a problem with that, for he could not find the key to his cage anywhere. Escape players, Ben is not resorting to destroying his cage there for he is going to use it in the future, but will you just help him in finding the key to it so he can free this somewhat lost animal inside?

Blue Bird Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Escape.

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