Help Happy Family To Reach Their Car

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The tourists here in this coastline have now moved out of the area for the water level rose! Well, not everybody paid attention to that really, that’s why some are now land-locked in small islands where the houses they are staying are on, that includes this one family who now needs help.

As a resident there, Morty knows this better than anyone for he was born there really, and every time this happens he is always there for the tourists to the rescue. Escape players, Morty needs help here now for the tide rose higher than usual today, now he needs all the assistance that he can get to help the people who are now stranded. And as the first one he’ll help, it is this family of three. Would you like to help Morty here too so his rescue can be accomplished successfully?

Help Happy Family To Reach Their Car is the newest point-and-click rescue game created by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Help Happy Family To Reach Their Car

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