Haunted House 2023

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It’s Halloween’s eve and Wallace really picked the nicest time to enter the most haunted house in the town here, and it’s even rumored to be the home of a vampire! Wallace doesn’t believe in any of that though, so he entered the place and in no time, he was greeted by the vampire who lives there and he wouldn’t let him out!

It really pays to listen to the stories even if it sounds ridiculous, and it is also right to not risk a life especially if what is being proven have no sense at all and that risk is high. Now Wallace is facing everything there and he is now regretting it. Escape players, will you help get Wallace out of the house? Get him off the sights of the vampire first so that he’ll be able to do that.

Haunted House 2023 is another new point-and-click scary indoor escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Haunted House 2023

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