Thanksgiving 2023

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Before Sid and the family leave the grandparents’ house after a great and fulfilling thanksgiving dinner there, the old couple have a parting challenge to each one of them, it’s unique to each one and for Sid who is the eldest son, it is escaping from the house!

Escape players, you will be in the shoes of Sid here and you will be taking-on the escape challenge of his grandparents. Are you ready for the escape so you can meet your family outside and ask what challenge they got? Ready with your skills and logic here then.

Thanksgiving 2023 is a brand new point-and-click house escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Thanksgiving 2023

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7 months ago

I wish someone could explain this phenomenon to me. Well, why is it that the CPU load always increases dramatically on the pages of games with the Selfdefiant engine? If you close the page, everything is fine again. i.e. it doesn’t depend on other sites or browser type. What kind of voracious Trojans does Selfdefiant put in its games?!

7 months ago

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