Halloween Night Escape (Selfdefiant)

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The city is preparing for Halloween’s eve and there is a rule always, the neighborhoods are good but the urban part of the place is bad, why is that so? For there are a lot of pranksters up and about then scaring the people who comes-up to their area! And boy they can be scary even if one knows they are just people. Mario needs to get back home after his job and he has a long way to go for his place is at the next town over, he needs to be quick to get to his car for he knows the pranksters are everywhere. Mario left the building where he works and to his misfortune, he was chased by a lot of pranksters and they were absolutely intimidating!

Mario ran quickly and fortunately he lost them, but now there is a new problem, he ran so fast to get away from the sights of those pranksters that he is in a part of the city not familiar to him! Okay, now how is he going to do this? He needs to get back to his car so he can go home but first he must keep in mind not to be spotted by his pursuers or it will be all over again, who knows maybe they are not even pranksters and might have real evil intent or something. Escape players, you need to navigate the city now and quickly, be ready for anything as you do so.

Halloween Night Escape is another new point and click night urban escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Halloween Night Escape (Selfdefiant)

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