Halloween Treasure Game

Halloween Treasure

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Halloween Treasure is the newest point and click item retrieval spooky escape game from Mirchigames. Have fun on this treasure-hunt in a freaky place!

The really old and potentially ancient wasteland which rumor has it that it only formed a few hundred years ago was not so much of a wasteland anymore. For there sparked a story about the place harboring such treasures which only appeared during the eve of Halloween. People believe it and they believed also that it was some kind of a joke, for years they had been trying but still, all they got was spending a day in the wasteland. Most of them gave-up already and some even thought the treasure could have already been taken.

As one of those treasure hunters, Jones does not believe in such and he still strongly thinks that the treasure is still out there somewhere, undisturbed and hidden. Escape players, such a wasteland cannot be hiding such a valuable treasure, for if it is then it could have already been easily spotted thanks to how empty the place is, oh you are not seeing anything yet. Join Jones then as he finds that treasure somewhere in the wasteland on the day of Halloween. Good luck everyone, may you all find that hidden loot. Enjoy!

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