Burned Farmhouse Escape Game

Burned Farmhouse Escape

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Burned Farmhouse Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games for another daring escape from a ruined house. Good luck!

The farmhouse sits in the middle of the vast farm which was now deserted and neglected, but there are stories about it though that the place isn't really completely empty, some say it is haunted for they can see strange movements from the house in the distance including the nearby grounds where it stands. Still there are a few curious people about the place and among them was Cassandra who was also kind of a medium. That farmhouse in the time before got burned partially and from then, the owners never really returned and most of its story are also not very clear. Cassandra wanted to make the place clear for her so that day, she decided to visit it alone for she can focus more when she is not with somebody.

Cassandra enters the house and it was old and she felt stuffy there, she continued still to investigate the place but at some point she stopped for she felt a bad thing was about to happen, because of that she came running to the door and to her surprise, the bad thing had already happened! Cassandra is now trapped in the house and she thought to herself, now what? Is she going to be kept here against her will by who knows what is haunting these grounds? Escape players, Cassandra wishes to escape right-now, care to join her and see if you can all will safely? Stay on the adventure then everyone.

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