Halloween Escape (Mirchigames) Game

Halloween Escape (Mirchigames)

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Check-out this fun adventure here in a spooky landscape. Halloween Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Mirchigames. Have fun this Halloween!

Eliza had finally found the magical pumpkin in the dead of night at which it is only visible, for it glows in the eve of Halloween and then it disappears when the night is done. Eliza then proceeded to retrieve the magical pumpkin's seeds for she really wants to discover what it really is and how it grows, but when she opened the pumpkin however, the seeds suddenly went flying and ended-up in various places around the forest! Eliza didn't want to spend more time around here, for there are ghostly things in the place and she doesn't want to see them anymore, well she has to though if she wants to find those seeds which she wasted a lot of effort to retrieve.

Escape players, Eliza decided to keep on moving in the creepy area through the night just to find those seeds which she tried really hard to possess. Care to join in on the item retrieval here this Halloween and see if you can all get those back? Go ahead then, do not mind the scary things you will see and good luck!


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