Halloween Escape From Scared House Game

Halloween Escape From Scared House

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Halloween Escape From Scared House is a brand new point and click scary land escape game from Top 10 New Games. Enjoy this daring escape here with us!

The old village had been forsaken for years and the only things standing there are the old church, some sturdy small houses, and a few unusable structures. Max thought it might be an interesting place to visit and so that evening he decided to go there, it's even a coincidence for it's the same evening when Halloween is being celebrated! There is no other time to visit the place but today and he just hopes he finds more interesting things there than scary ones.

Max arrives in the area and the first impression he got was the place actually being quite scary! But Max is already there now and he didn't wanted to leave at that moment for he doesn't want to think that he had wasted his time going there. Max is not going to turn-back but he really has to definitely. Escape players, join Max here as he as he tries his best to escape this place before it is too late, it isn't right-now for the exit in the distance is still visible, but getting there is not going to be easy. Good luck everyone, enjoy the escape with us!

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