Halloween Cave Escape 2020 Game

Halloween Cave Escape 2020

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It's Halloween and the gate to the forest is obviously closed for a strong reason, and that's because people kept entering during that time to go in a hidden cave there which holds a magical sword much like king Arthur's Excalibur! That cave shows itself in the forest during Halloween only and it gives people who searches for it a chance to find the place but even then, they still have to find it. Only a few people knows about that though, and one of them was Finnegan who had been researching for years and even made it as his goal to hold that sword with his own two hands! Well for that to happen he must venture into the forest first and then find that cave.

Escape players, it's Halloween and Finnegan is already on his yearly search, but it seems that he is having a hard-time in finding that cave again. Finnegan even checked a few times if it is really Halloween that day, it was and that cave should appear somewhere now. But the forest is big so will you just help him here so he can finally accomplish his goal? Successfully get this done then or Finnegan will have to wait another year again.

Halloween Cave Escape 2020 is another new point and click item retrieval forest escape game made by Games 4 Escape.

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