Magical Misty Forest Escape Game

Magical Misty Forest Escape

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Richard decided he'll go for an adventure into the forest while the mist is still there. People say one can feel a different sense of peace when in the mist, it can be scary and dangerous though for there are a lot of movies pertaining about the mist, and also the terrain there is not even and one might make a wrong step and plunge to their deaths. Richard will be careful though and he knows it isn't easy going in there especially on these conditions, but that is just one reason why he wanted to go.

Richard is now following the path going deeper into the forest and the mist just gets thicker. It gives Richard a sense of excitement and thrills for he had never done something like this before. Guess he haven't experience a problem in there too before but that day as he goes, he doesn't know that he will. Richard was not expecting a split path ahead and he didn't see it in advance because of the mist, he took one and that led him deeper into unfamiliar grounds in the forest! He only realized that he is now experiencing a problem after a while and from then he can't navigate back! Escape players, this is now a situation which can potentially get worst and Richard's safety is now compromised. Imagine being in the shoes of Richard here, will you be able to solve this problem and safely out of the place?

Magical Misty Forest Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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