Enchanting Forest Trees Escape Game

Enchanting Forest Trees Escape

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Firewood is now on low supply at Lenz's house and there is only one place to get those, and that is the nearby forest which he always dreads to enter. For what reason that is? Well, the forest is only enchanted and he had been victimized by it countless of times! Worst was when Lenz got chased by a mongering creature only to realize it in the end that the thing was just an illusion. There is no other place he can get firewood unfortunately, and Lenz really has no choice but to go for he needs those timbers. And so he enters the place without knowing that a problem is on its way to him as he proceeds.

Lenz found firewood and there was actually more than he can gather! Great, now he can get home quicker and out of the place. But he can't seem to rub the feeling off that there is something going to happen. Was it the firewood being an illusion? It doesn't seem so for he can touch them. Soon after he collected the wood, that's when he realized the problem. Lenz was now lost in the forest for he could no longer see the path! Now this is an illusion that is most definitely dangerous, for he doesn't know where to go now and if he makes a mistake, he'll just go deeper into the forest instead of heading for home! Now Lenz have really seen everything, for this occurrence happened for the first time. Escape players, will you help Lenz here get home before another thing happens and that is the sun setting?

Enchanting Forest Trees Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Big Escape Games.

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